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Spinning Saw Pop
A favorite of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th slasher movies, these Bloody Spinning Buzzsaw Lollipops are the...
Monster Gummy Kabobs

Gummy Kabobs ! 

Made of gummy bears, corn gummy, peach rings and fun characters!

1 Kabob per purchase, randomly selected

Gummy Tarantula
Don't be afraid; these spiders aren't dangerous, they're delicious! Sweet gummies in flavor combinations of Cherry, Grape, and...
Giant Gummy Rat

Whether you think rats are kinda cool or pretty ewww, you’ll love the 8+ inches of fruity flavor packed into...

Skull Gummy Pack

Jelly Filled Skulls (12 count)

These gummies will have your mouth watering!

A perfectly spooky Halloween Candy. Soft and chewy...

Pirate Piss Soda

Ahoy, Me Hearties !

This Banana Soda is perfect for Halloween party's or for bringing out your inner Sailor. 

Zombie brain juice

It's red, it's fruity, it's zombie brain juice! With strawberry and orange flavors, you'll be moaning for these braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains all...

Sour Monster Finger Lollipop

Sour Apple Zombie Finger 

Jelly Needles

NEW Jelly Injection Needles! Pack of 4

Fun to play and eat a sweet jello like syrup !

Dog Drool Orange Lemon Soda
It's white, it's fruity, it's dog drool! With orange and lemon flavors, this is one puppy you'd let drool...
Dragon Drool Black Licorice Soda
Dragon Drool Soda 12oz Glass Bottle Soda Black Licorice Flavored



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