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Sour Candy

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Sour Monster Finger

Sour Apple Zombie Finger 

Sour Cotton Candy!

Hard to find Sour Cotton Candy 

Get two flavors in one bag Cherry+ Blueberry 

Sour Toilet Pops

Lollipop you can dip in the toilet! 

Dip lollipop into sour powder for a juicy mix.

Includes 2 lolipops

Sour Spray Grenade

Sour Blast

Simply remove the yellow lever and spray sourness into your mouth.

Sour Bubble Gum
Super sour, mouth-puckering bubble gum in a variety of sour flavors, including - Lemon, Apple, Cherry, Orange, and Berry. 
Sour atoms
This one-of-a-kind sour candy features chewy particles of pure sour that are bursting with three deliciously tart flavours: Lemon, Strawberry...
Sour Pack
Put your taste buds to the test with this sour pack which includes a variety from mild, medium and super...
WarHeads Mini Candy Canes SOUR
Enjoy your favorite traditional treats with a sour spin this Christmas! 20-ct. packs of itty bitty...
Sour Candy Canes by Warhead

Includes 6 Sour Candy Canes 

2 Black Cherry 

2 Blue Raspberry 

2 Green Apple



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